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Our collections and creations range from high quality soft drinks to exquisite spirits such as Cognac, Brandy, Champagne, Vodka and Whisky.

strict requirements

Our products are chosen with the utmost care and according to very strict requirements. As a quality brand, VERSAGE fulfills top-of-the-line standards and is reputed for its value and reliability.

premium brand

We stand for premium quality, high identification, exclusive design, unique ingredients and much more. Our production facilities are ISO 9001 certified.

lifestyle & products

The essence of our brands is to inspire, guide and motivate people to lead an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle, with the goal that our products contribute to that lifestyle.

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Energy Drink


Energy Drink

White Light | Sugar Free

Ice cafe

Night & Day

Fresh Mint

Mint & Lemon

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Center for Medical Technology Innovation

Big Shots collaborations

Given the rising level of worldwide approval, popularity and support, VERSAGE® is proud to announce future collaborations, as well as partnerships, involving celebrities from around the world, including international elite athletes, musicians, photographers, painters and many others, as part of a growing identification...

Nutritional Personal Consultation

Alliance with fitness centers

First of all, we would like to thank all the national and international groups and structures that have come to consult us in a collaborative effort to improve health care through sport, of which VERSAGE® is one of the sponsors.


  • I had never heard about Versage Energy Drink before my boss offered me one can at our annual company business convention and wow! I just love it! Plus no calories, zero fat, zero cholesterol! and it contains BCAA amino acids and creatine! All the flavors are amazing!


  • Versage Ice Café is by far the best soft drink I have ever tasted! The flavor is awesome and the taste so delicious. It is different from other sodium energy drinks which are full of sugar. It gives you the perfect cold coffee feeling and a great energy boost that really helps me when I need it the most! Ice coffee and fresh mint are by far my favorites.

    St Andrews/UK

  • I discovered Versage energy when the supplement company I represent brought them in from Germany! I forgot the name of the guy, Jakub or something.. Anyway the classic energy (original) is my kind of flavor. Tastes like a bit like r.b., a bit like melted blue breezy! With BCAAs and creatine, this would make a great pre-workout. Gives a great boost of energy without making you crash. I haven’t found a flavor I don’t like. Lots of time to experience this! GREAT!


  • We recently got these at 711 Brownstown, Illinois. I used to be obsessed with Verve & Venom Energy but they're both full of sugar and really not the best for my belly tho... I was drinking at least 3-4 cans a day. These are the same price, usually 2 for $5. Versage light tastes really good, no sugar and no calories, but it’s still an energy drink. Ok it have high caffeine so still be cautious and drink it with moderation, but it's taste sooo great, hard to resist lol. I don't even think of Venom anymore + you don't get a sugar crash!


  • I love Versage’s new range of energy drinks! I particularly like the one with a mint and lemon taste. Not sparkling! It's a great new product in my eyes. I recommend that people who are sensitive to caffeine should drink it slowly for an hour or two. I am sensitive to caffeine but I need it to be awake and alert on my way home from work. I also love the taste of Ice Café.


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    Napoleon XO cognac is part of our range of quality items and stems from the Laclie family. In this sense, Napoleon means that the element of the blend is on average 20 years and more, which is consequently ideal for brewing a noble style brandy.

    Wet Wipes

    Versage wet wipes are high-quality soft products commonly used in the high society beauty & healthcare facilities. They are suitable for sanitizing the skin and...


    Versage whisky is a wonderful 12 year old richly smooth Scotch whisky from a long time favorite. The percentage of alcohol is 40% / 70 cl. It contains no fat, no carbs and almost no sugar. Thus, this is the best flavor for our whisky lovers and connoisseurs.