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Welcome to Versage®

Versage® is one of the world's most evolving, trend-setting beverage and lifestyle brands. It is an inspirational, stylish and refined symbol of a worldly way of life.

Under the one and unique Versage® logo our company designs, produces and markets various artefacts and creations such as our collection of energy drinks, spirits, accessories and many more.

For many years, we have been distributing our products through and beyond a huge exclusive network involving thousands of retailers worldwide. We have committed our merchandise and inventory to a global audience, continually strengthening Versage's role and position in a modern and innovative society.

Our ultimate goal is to create a premium brand that offers our consumers and traders the opportunity to live the Versage lifestyle to the fullest and to shape it to perfection.


Versage® Products

#Energy Drinks with Style..!

You can now experience VERSAGE's new, genuine, original and refreshing flavors in five inimitable and unique variations, high quality ingredients, amazing organic fragrances, absolutely VERSAGE-certified and a 100% validated production at a premium classification.


Napoleon XO cognac is part of our top range of quality items and stems from the Laclie family. Our Versage® whisky is a wonderful 12 year old richly smooth Scotch whisky from a long time favorite. The percentage of its alcohol is 40% / 70 cl.

#Wet Wipes /// Room Spray

Versage wet wipes premium products are commonly being used in high society beauty salons, private households, nursing homes and a wide range of other healthcare facilities.

Get a VERSAGE® Corporation license for your distribution company #

The great versatility of our products, the strength of our partners, our distributors and our consumers who join their efforts to achieve a unanimously shared collective goal, is what makes VERSAGE® one of the world's greatest emerging brands.

Certified retailers bring an entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to other collectivities. They are committed to providing the highest levels of quality and service to our customers.

VERSAGE focuses on how its customers are diverse and individual. That's why we offer great flexibility in terms of distribution, marketing, involvement in social networks and support for local economic development.