Welcoming sponsorship offers for our super-brand Versage®, one of the most evolving artifacts in the global marketplace, is an important contribution to our company's marketing strategy.

In terms of the benefits of such sponsorship, we believe it is a good way to increase awareness of the Versage brand, which in turns will help our partners generate additional consumers and boost brand loyalty for themselves.

As sponsorship is a contractual arrangement of a commercial nature, Versage uses standard evaluation criteria to establish the viability of such a proposed sponsorship partnership so that our partner can enjoy a wide range of benefits from our brand.

So therefore, you can use our sponsorship partnership in order to:

  • brand awareness and preference creation among your customers,
  • create positive public relations and raise awareness of your organization as a whole,
  • provide attractive content for your products and services,
  • build brand positioning through associative imagery,
  • support a sales promotion campaign on the part of both partners,
  • create an internal emotional commitment to the brand,
  • act as a host company promote good customer relations,
and so much more.