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Wet Wipes available in 3 editions

wetwipes_editionWhite Edition


wetwipes_editionBlack Edition


wetwipes_editionRed Edition


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Versage® Wet Wipes

VERSAGE® wet wipes premium are commonly being used in beauty salons, private households and a wide range of healthcare facilities.

They are suitable for cleaning and disinfecting the skin as they are made of a soft and resistant material that guarantees their durability and softness. Also designed to moisturize and deodorize, the wipes offer protection against infections and skin health problems and contain surfactant-free emulsions that clean, restore and protect the epidermal structure highly efficiently.


  1. Antibacterial, PH-balanced (skin turns & clean)
  2. Enriched with natural ingredients (aloe Vera)
  3. Improve skin health & suitable for frequent use
  4. Enables quick and easy hygiene all thru the day
  5. Raise personal hygiene values (ideal 4 workout)
  6. Prevent growing dermatitis due to incontinence
  7. Quick Freshen-Up and exfoliating
  8. Suitable for women (great way to remove makeup)
  9. Ideal for men (hydrate, refresh, soothes the skin)
  10. Light fragrance for soothing skin & reducing odors